The Team Extreme Trials Showcase features 2 completely unique shows starring legends of Trials. Tommi Ahvala is a 2 Time World Champion from Helsinki Finland and Jess Kempkes is an American legend who has numerous National Championship event wins. The best way to describe Trials is Gymnastics on two wheels. The rider conquer a monstrous obstacle course while never putting their feet on the ground. Amazing Balance with a level of precision and control found in no other sport. Motorcycle Trials is one of the most unusual motorcycle sports and considered to be the most difficult. Unbelievable skills combined with a playful interactive show format makes this show entertaining for the entire family. This show has been one of the most popular shows for indoor and outdoorevents. Commonly used as motorcycle ground acts for fairs, festivals, Dealership Shows, State Rallies, and Motorcycle Expos. The small space layout of 70 x 65 with the interactive design of the show has established this show as a crowd favorite for all ages.